This is a space for trauma informed spiritual counseling
–  for both humans AND spirits.

Peace and balance are restored when the environment and living things around you both the seen and the invisble ones have been acknowledged and got their message across. 

I specialize in clearing houses, energy blocks around you, and help you make peace with entities in your field, in a unique, loving and respectful way through Energy Work and Empathic Soul Communication.

In addition, I offer Healing Sounds with an ancient wind instrument, Kyotaku.


Empathic Awareness?

For me, empathy is one of the greatest, most underestimated and misunderstood virtues. I’m not talking about the pleasing  kind of empathy (which is exactly not that…), but empathy as a way to understand and accept how things are and how to respond to them. We need empathy for ourselves and all our traits that we either like or dislike. We need empathy for others and our environment, including the spirit world. If we want to learn to live with ourselves fully, we need awareness about what’s going on inside and around us, we need to witness and listen deeply to our soul and all the human aspects surrounding it, and find acceptance in what we can’t change and what we can (which both can be quite scary and frustrating sometimes), and last but not least, to find and calibrate our inner compass and be even more aware about how to navigate in an increasingly complex world and all the dimensions we are affected by.

Below are two powerful and lovely tools to find more balance in life and with the spiritual dimension:


Energy Work and Empathic Soul Communication

Intuitive guidance, cleanse your house/living space, remove hidden blocks in your sphere and make blurry things clear. Want to know more, and if this is for you? Click the link below or schedule a free 30-minute Exploration Session.

Healing Sounds, Support and Comfort in Troubled Times.

You have probably heard that sound and vibrations can heal? They can. Kyotaku is an ancient flute of bamboo, known to very few and played by even less, that can help you come home to your innermost sacred space and heal on a cellular level. What’s even more brilliant, is that if you want a practice that helps you regulate your nervous system and get in deep contact with your inner landscape, breathing and get in closer touch with your soul on a daily basis, you have come to the right place. Tickled and curious? Click below to learn more..

About me.

I’m a soul communicator passionate about individuals who want to take charge of their lives by deep inquiry and start trusting their inner voice, as well as listening to what both the Material World and the Spirit World want to  communicate with us. From my point of view, there is nothing more important for the world than people who would like to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings to co-create a more sustainable planet.


Read what other clients think about the help they’ve got.

“I give my warmest recommendations regarding Elof and his amazing energy work. Last year, my mother moved into an old house that she was renovating. A lot of strange things happened in the house. With time, it was more or less of a poltergeist character. Things were moved around in the house; things fell down by themselves and broke into pieces. Things were taken apart, and the cord to the television were constantly pulled out. My mother saw shadows and strange lights, and the pages turned by themselves in her magazine that was laying untouched on the table!
   We were referred to Elof, and after his work on the house, there has been NOTHING. He lives in Sweden and we are in Denmark; he just needed an address and then he did the rest – in that respect, distance is obviously not a problem. Very fascinating! Elof brought the “disturbing element” back to where it belonged, and since then we have noticed nothing but a harmonious and peaceful energy in the house. We are very grateful for Elof’s work!”

Nicoline Traberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Elof is a man of insights. He stands with his both feet on the ground, and has a strong connection upwards. I can assure that you are very safe in his gentle presence and with his life experience. He will help you spiritually, physically and with imbalances in the energy field. I can recommend this man wholeheartedly”

Laila, Sweden

”Elof is a warm and natural fellow human being, with an extra empathic heart & ears… that you can feel deeply held by and listened to — the right conditions needed in order to heal. I can only give my warmest recommendations. From someone who has experienced this again and again.”

Lamhita Marita Jacobson, Molkom, Sweden

Trauma Healing Therapist

In my childhood home, I experienced a lot of spiritual activities through all the years. We had a feeling of being watched, and there were places in the house we didn’t want to be in, as there were unpleasant energies and several unexplainable phenomena. After my parents’ death, the activities accelerated. Me and my brothers decided to contact a professional. Elof cleared our house, and since then there has been peace on all levels in the house. I can only give my warmest recommendations to Elof, both for personal guidance and to have your house cleared from disturbances.

August Nielsen, Valby, Denmark

”Elof has helped me immensely during a time I was feeling completely overwhelmed by sickness. I felt frozen and scared and Elof managed to help me better understand what was going on but also reframe my experiences in a different, more tangible light. I immediately felt less frightened. Elof’s intuitive approach really suited me, he listened intently and helped me see things that I would otherwise not have considered. He also balanced some energies in my environment and I could feel strength returning to my body very soon after. I am very grateful for the help and support Elof has given me and highly recommend him to anyone needing some clarity and/or emotional support. Just Elof’s presence can bring a sea of calm over one.”

Luise, Germany

”Elof is really present and attentive. He has helped med to get on when I’ve been stuck in old patterns.”

Julian, Sweden

Common questions.

Is this for You?

This might be for you if one or more of these things resonate with you:

  • You are troubled by destructive energies/entities around you and in your living space.
  • You want to have more clarity in your life and what is going on around you.
  • You are nature oriented and think it’s a good thing to keep our planet happy and healthy.
  • You are open to the possibility that there is a  Force/God/Spirit that we all come from and you think it might be possible to be reincarnated.
  • You are willing to take responsibility for your history and carry your process.
This is Probably not for you if…
  • You think it’s every one else’s fault that you have problems.
  • You don’t want to take responsibility for yourself and your surroundings
How many sessions do I need?

It all depends what you are dealing with. You are welcome to book a free 30 minute exploration session to explain your problem and see if we are a fit and on the same wavelength. Most people get a long way on just one session; a 15 minute follow up session is free to see how you’re doing and if you need anything else clarified.. The most important thing for your decision is that you feel good working with me.

How is a session done?

A session is done online (over Zoom, with or without video, whatever you are comfortable with) or over the phone. A lot of the energy work is done off-line, and I’ll contact you with the results.

What languages do you speak?

I speak Swedish, English and fairly good Danish.