When a truth falls into place,
like a snowflake melts in my hand,
As I knew it would.
Fall into place.
Melt in


This is how I perceive how truths come to me; I breathe, relax, and let my solar plexus expand. I let the information that I need sink in, linger for a while (sometimes really quick), and then let it guide me. If it needs to be shared, I let it rise to my heart and be communicated from there. You will know when a truth is a truth: contraction in your solar plexus is usually a sign that it’s either false information, or it is the wrong time to access it. A relaxed, expanded feeling is a sign that you are on the right track. With practice, you will notice there are different kind of expansions in your solar plexus. For now, I leave that to you to investigate the different sensations if you are new to this kind of truth-processing.

I can already tell that it is a very useful way to discern what is right for you and stay centered with so much information and dis-information coming at us from all over these days.