It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a master.
What matters is how present you are in the process.
You’ll find a master in a student and a student in a master.

It’s not about how skilful you are.
It’s about how you surrender to what you are doing
at the level you are doing it.

Painting by Ulrika Almebäck

I had a profound dream about this some time ago. In the dream, I wasn’t at all satisfied with myself;
I wanted to be something better, bigger, smarter, richer…
I was looking at a bus going to where I wanted to be, and at the same time I was standing outside
the bus looking at someone going to where I wanted to be. I saw a man in a seat where I wanted to be
— perhaps I was looking at myself — and then I heard a gentle but firm voice inside of me:
“It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a master”.
I woke up, and suddenly I found a moment of peace being just where I was, just as I am,
totally aware that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, and still it was completely perfect the moment
that I could accept it.