Fear can be a rough and paralysing emotion to handle. But it can also be an emotion that comes out of self-care – it simply tells your system to slow down and say: Hey, are you really sure about doing this? Do you want to go down that alley?

Fear in itself is a healthy mechanism that stops you from doing things that may harm you.

When fear keeps coming even if there is no threat around, or stops you from speaking up when you should, or prevents you from making better choices for yourself, then it starts to be a problem.

There is usually a very good reason for fear sticking around in your system, and many times it can be really hard to track it down to the real issue, simply because it’s buried in the subconscious or in the body memory.

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Inside of you there is a wealth of creativity, wisdom and knowing. Once you have accessed that knowing, doubt diminishes and you can keep walking where you want to go, even if you feel fear, but then it’s just a feeling that you know will pass.