If you don’t know vulnerability,
you won’t know bravery,
for real.
Bravery without vulnerability
is just shouting. Or shooting.

If you don’t know sadness,
you won’t know joy,
for real.
Joy without sadness
is just an empty smile.

If you don’t know fear…
(fill in the blanks…
I think you get the point by now…
and I’d say it’s about love).


If you want to know
what peace is,
for real,
you need to look deeply
into the wars that goes on inside of you,
or the fight for peace
(a contradiction in itself)
will just be a futile projection.

This means, in yet other words and in the terms of self exploration:
Vulnerability is not a weakness. It takes courage to sit with the fears that arise when you’re dealing with an issue, and it takes vulnerability to be open and willing to look at the fears in the first place. I can assure you, that in most cases, when the fears are witnessed, seen and acknowledged, they will lose the grip on you. If you ever feel that you need a helping hand with this, you’re warmly welcome to read more and book a session here. If you have any questions or want to set up a meeting manually, just drop me a line to elof@almeback.com