We are all that which we pray for.

To help us…

To save us when everything is too much, life is too much, death is too much, our own suppressed feelings are too much, our own suppressed power and magnificent light and beauty are too much…


I’ve been asking for outer help for most of my life, mainly because life on Earth hasn’t been that safe for me. And fair enough, it was a rough childhood; I didn’t feel totally integrated in my body, and I didn’t feel welcomed by life.

So, I constantly prayed to the angels, God and whoever I was safe with, to help me through the day. I came from the spirit world, and I was safe there – that was a place I could relate to.

I remember when my light body came down here in the early 70’s, and I was thinking “Ok, here we go again”. I have a vivid memory of that exact moment since forever… I literally saw when my soul and light body came down to Earth and entered the foetus in my mother’s womb. I remember the feeling to this day.

This morning, when I did my usual thing to raise my vibrations, getting ready for a new day and all that, it suddenly came to me in a completely new way that I could feel in my whole body:

Ok… Christ Love, Buddha Love, Mother Earth Love, Universal Love, all kinds of love… please help me to expand and be a better version of myself etc etc… (No, I’m not religious, just inspired). And then… I heard a soft whisper in my left ear:

“Please remember Self Love”.

The message came with a warm golden light surrounding me and a thought-feeling-assurance:

“We have all those aspects that we pray to, inside of us”.

So, I held my little trembling inner child in my arms and said gently… “Yes, I am all that I pray to, and you are safe in this presence that I pray to, and I am here for you, because I am that divine presence, no matter what I am going through.” I could feel the impact of that insight in every cell of my body, and I felt a whole new level of trust regarding my existence on Earth.

You are safe in your own divine presence and self-love, it is still in there, even when you can’t feel it, and that is so, regardless of what is going on with you or what is going on in the world.

Just trust that, it’s still in there.