How I’ve got here.

When I was in college many years ago, just outside of Seattle, I was in a Speech and Communication class. What I remember most of all, was when our teacher said: “I’ve heard that the Japanese sign for communicating is a heart with an ear in it”. I have made that statement one of my guiding stars. To listen. Inwards. To people. Not what they’re saying, but what’s behind the words. What’s on their hearts and in their souls. I have listened to thousands of people. Dying, living, in pain, in joy, to those who cannot speak…. And those who cannot be seen. I’ve been to the other side and communicate with spirits on many levels.

My name is Elof Almebäck, and I live in Sweden in the countryside an hour southwest of Stockholm. I am passionate about being present with what is, personal growth, and general awareness about the self and the environment in order to keep a sustainable life on Earth. I am a father, husband, woodworker, visionary and soul communicator, that loves to write and take long walks in the mountains. Out of necessity and curiosity, I have more than 30 years of experience in deep processing with myself and others, worked a lot with developmental trauma and attachment problems, am a certified energy specialist, have deeply explored extra sensory perceptions, and have a basic medical education. All of those experiences come quite handy when I do the work that I do.

It is my belief that it is absolutely necessary to find and calibrate your inner compass. There is no truth out there, and in an increasingly more complex world, you have to rely even more on your own inner guidance. From my experience, that guidance is not found in the head or even the heart, but in the very core of your being – in your soul.

I have had a wonderful, painful, chaotic and exciting life; lived abroad for nine years, and have experiences from a huge variety of jobs, studies, courses and countless encounters with a lot of different people and spirit guides in all kinds of situations. From that I have learned a few but valuable things: most people, as well as spirits, just want to be listened to, respected and seen for who they are. I have also understood that resolving my childhood traumas, find my inner voice, build healthy relationships with people and the sprit world, and learn how to live in and with nature, are the most important skills for me in order to have a meaningful life.

I’d love to hear from you to see if we’re a fit and how I can support you on your journey.