Energy Work and Personal Transformation

* When you want to come to clarity with something…

* When you feel something isn’t quite right in yourself, your environment or living space…

* If there is something you want to come to peace with…

Then I have some powerful tools and ways to guide you, so that you can free up your energy, gain clarity and find new directions.

I work in three major areas: The Spiritual Dimension, the Physical/Emotional Dimension, and the Subconscious Dimension, to help people make real change with lasting results. And, I can do this remotely, so it doesn’t matter where you live.

In short, my work is
1) Spiritually Grounded,
2) Trauma Informed, and
3) Paradigm Aware.

 This means that:

 1) I have a look at what energies you are affected by, and balance those for more clarity.

 2) We investigate what underlying emotions cost too much attention, and free up what’s been stuck to get more ease and flow in your body, and better access to your soul’s voice.

 3) We find out what kind of recording is running in the back of your head that disturbs your focus and is just plain counterproductive to what you want to achieve.

In order to get lasting changes, we need to understand what programming, or paradigm, that’s been planted in your subconscious during your childhood, and how that still affects your life, no matter how many attempts you have made to change the outcome. Working harder is not the answer; Changing your self-image, beliefs, and work smarter, are much more effective and fun ways to do it.

When things are clearing up, it is easier to see where you are going. And why. 

I promise, there are so many interesting ways to live, with ease, joy, and creativity.  


This is what a client wrote after a Personal Transformation Session:

“Dear Elof,

 I am so grateful for you and how you are listening to me and all the feelings in me. You made me feel whole in acknowledging REALLY what is happening within me. Even though there are thousands of kilometers between us, I feel the warm welcome and your gorgeous support. It is somehow unbelievable, but I believe, and I feel trust. After having had a session with you I am more calm, there is much more peace (real peace) in my relationships, and I notice that I am acting more as me in my life. I have to say I get more and more a sense of what I really am.

Your work is much greater than my attempt to describe it in words could ever be.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!”

Regine, Germany.

This is what a client wrote after a House Balancing:

“I give my warmest recommendations regarding Elof and his amazing energy work. Last year, my mother moved into an old house that she was renovating. A lot of strange things happened in the house. With time, it was more or less of a poltergeist character. Things were moved around in the house; things fell down by themselves and broke into pieces. Things were taken apart, and the cord to the television were constantly pulled out. My mother saw shadows and strange lights, and the pages turned by themselves in her magazine that was laying untouched on the table!
    We were referred to Elof, and after his work on the house, there has been NOTHING. He lives in Sweden and we are in Denmark; he just needed an address and then he did the rest – in that respect, distance is obviously not a problem. Very fascinating! Elof brought the “disturbing element” back to where it belonged, and since then we have noticed nothing but a harmonious and peaceful energy in the house. We are very grateful for Elof’s work!”

Nicoline Traberg, Denmark.