Energy Work and Empathic Soul Communication

When you need access to the unseen or make peace with an entity

I'm offering a method to help you find answers and balance in most areas of life. If you feel something is "iffy", awkward or just don't feel right, even if you have done all the internal work, I can assist you in finding where the block is and transform it. In most cases, there is a potent message with it, so it's not only about removing something.

I can also help you to become more clear about blocks and entities in your environment, work place, house, personal aura, as well as offer distance healing. I've been dowsing with a set of sacred charts for over a decade and am a certified Energy Specialist. I have 30 years of experience in working with my sacred heart space, seventh sense and intuitive mind.


If you have read this far, it means that you probably have a question inside of you that wants to be answered. If you want to know more, or if this is for you, you can book a free 30 minute exploration session on the link above, or you can book a full session (details and price further down).

When you have a question, please be as specific as possible. I can also do a general balancing if you’re not sure what to ask, but feel something isn’t quite right. 

My Specialty

In essence, this is my specialty in all that I do: I am mainly a Soul Communicator. That means that I have developed an ability to communicate directly with a person’s soul, living or not in a physical form. It also means that I can communicate with guides, entities, “ghosts” and spirits around us.

So, when I do a clearing for a house, for instance, I just don’t do exorcism to push away whatever is disturbing the peace, simply because that is a violent act in my point of view and the end result is not sustainable — nothing is really solved. I contact the entity and have a deep empathic and trauma informed conversation with it – just as I would with a living person in a session – and ask what it needs and if it has any message to those living in the house. Sometimes the message can be a big surprise. Sometimes it is just a trapped soul that really needs help to move on and leave the place. I have only had positive results with this approach; the entity has got what it needs and usually just moves on, the house owner has got an important message, and the peace has been restored to the house

It is not always a pleasant job, and can be quite demanding, but even if the entity I’m dealing with is absolutely horrifying and full of fear, the work is mostly very rewarding for all involved. Don’t be fooled by a horrid appearance…. Sometimes a “devil” can bring a powerful message that is most valid for the receiver. Sometimes an “angel” can bring a false message. So don’t be fooled by an angelic appearance either. This has taken me years and years of research to distinguish between, and an enormous amount of objectivity-training. I am constantly checking my “truth-centres” to be sure that the answers I get are correct.

With any work and soul communication, you will get a full energy balancing required for yourself, the house, land, situation, or whatever that you are dealing with. If you have a health problem, I cannot promise that you will “heal”, but I can help you to find the underlying issue and be a support along the way. Most clients, though, have reported that they feel much better and even recovered from their ailments.

I currently only do this work from my home, and it has showed to be even more effective in the way I work. So that means I can support you no matter where in the world you are.


This is what a client wrote after a house clearing:

“I give my warmest recommendations regarding Elof and his amazing energy work. Last year, my mother moved into an old house that she was renovating. A lot of strange things happened in the house. With time, it was more or less of a poltergeist character. Things were moved around in the house; things fell down by themselves and broke into pieces. Things were taken apart, and the cord to the television were constantly pulled out. My mother saw shadows and strange lights, and the pages turned by themselves in her magazine that was laying untouched on the table!
    We were referred to Elof, and after his work on the house, there has been NOTHING. He lives in Sweden and we are in Denmark; he just needed an address and then he did the rest – in that respect, distance is obviously not a problem. Very fascinating! Elof brought the “disturbing element” back to where it belonged, and since then we have noticed nothing but a harmonious and peaceful energy in the house. We are very grateful for Elof’s work!”

Nicoline Traberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Details and pricing

The session is both over the phone/on-line as well as off-line where I work on different aspects about your questions. We start with a talk, where we identify what you need help with, and then we have a scheduled break for you, where I continue to work on the issues. After that, I will contact you and we’ll have a talk about what I’ve found. Support is included, if you still have any questions after the session. One session is usually enough for a house clearing.

The price is 3 650 SEK/session (approx. € 297. VAT included)
A session is 1,5 hour.
Payment is done after the session with all major credit cards through Stripe, a link will be sent to you.

You can book a free Exploration Session to see if this is something for you, and if we’re a fit. No pressure. If you can’t find a time that works for you, please contact me directly at

I live in Sweden, so that is European Central Time (ECT/+1 GMT).
Sessions can be done in English, Swedish or Danish.
I have a translator if you only speak German.


Boost Session

Sometimes there are several layers to an issue we have worked on.
If you previously have had a session with me and want to go deeper on a question, or perhaps you just want to check in and get some extra energy boost, then you can book a 30 minute Boost Session for 1 200 SEK (approx. € 94. VAT included).


My Guarantee

I’m with you all the way, also after the session. You can always e-mail me if you have any questions regarding issues we have worked on.

If you, for some reason, are not happy with the results, you will have a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.