Sounds of the Soul

What is Kyotaku?

Kyotaku is an ancient wind instrument made of bamboo. Playing Kyotaku is a practice that helps you come home to and give a sound to your soul, and find more balance both within and around you. People who have experienced listening to Kyotaku, have reported that they feel more calm, grounded, and have found deep comfort in the soothing and healing sound and vibrations.


Kyotaku has a history of 1200 years and was invented by a Zen-buddhist. The original flute was lost for a long time and then re-introduced by our (now deceased) Sensei Koku Nishimura in the early 1900’s. Kyotaku is not to be confused with Shakuhachi, which is a shorter Chinese flute with a different playing technique. Kyotaku has a deeper tone, somewhat raw, unpolished and yet meditative. The sound is very personal and can be subtle, rough, yelling, soft… there are many varieties, but the common ground is that you get a training partner for life that will teach you deep breathing and how to stay focused in a world with more challenges than ever. Harmonising sound is a bonus. Click here to listen. (Best experienced wíth headphones). The piece is called Kyo Choshi, an ancient “Honkyoku” meaning “Original Piece” from the “Suizen”, blowing Zen, tradition. (Recorded in studio, Nov. 18, 2016).

I’ve been studying Kyotaku since 2005 with Sensei Anders Koei Nordin, in Copenhagen, and with our head of the Kyotaku-society, Sensei Koryu Nishimura, in Kumamoto, who gave me the name Koyo. Koyo can have many meanings; in this case it means “sunshine” and for me it is about coming home to my inner truth, love and peace, again and again, and share that to others.


Want to listen live?

There is no doubt that this instrument is best listened to live. Recordings are just a taste of what it sounds like, but you just won’t get the same experience and healing vibrations. If you are curious and want to learn more, just drop me a line, and we can schedule a chat and find out if this is something you want to try. You can book me for a lesson, concert, or other event such as for meditation or yoga. The flute is also very well suited for funerals.
I’m located an hour SW of Stockholm.


More information:

Here are some links with a lot of useful information about this magical and rare instrument:

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